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Prometheus - Software for Stem Cell Donor Registry, Bone Marrow Donor Registry and Cord Blood Bank

Prometheus is the information system for stem cells donor registries. It covers all key business processes of the registry daily work, including donor management, export to BMDW, patient management and search management.

Prometheus contains successful EMDIS implementation. EMDIS (European Marrow Donor Information System) is international computer network of stem cells donor registries that now covers more than 85% or donors worldwide (including USA, Taiwan and Australian registries). EMDIS covers complete on-line communication between registries, from preliminary request to donor workup. The only think you need to join EMDIS is good software that can fulfill the EMDIS rules and standards. EMDIS also bring financial benefits, since it dramatically reduces paperwork and promotes your donors, because their data are easily accessible from big transplant centers in Western Europe and USA.

Prometheus includes state-of-the-art implementation of the donor search algorithm based on both DNA and serology searching. This algorithm was tested and compared against algorithms of big registries, like ZKRD and NMDP.

Prometheus complies international rules, standards and recommendations, such as WMDA and EFI, so from IT perspective, you can easily apply for WMDA accreditation.

Prometheus is scalable and it can be used by both small and bigger registries. Our smallest partner has only 600 donors, while the biggest one has almost 600 thousand donors. Theoretically, there is no limit in the number of donors.

Prometheus is flexible system and we are ready to adapt it according to your specific needs and requirements.

Steiner, Ltd.
Steiner, Ltd.
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Prometheus - Overview of functions